Rutile Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) JTR 719

JTR 719 is a top-notch universal grade titanium dioxide that is produced using the sulphate process. It boasts impressive features such as exceptional whiteness, high efficiency, and consistent performance. Due to these attributes, JTR 719 is highly recommended for use in the coating, plastics, and other industries.

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TiO2 Content92% Min
Rutile Content98% Min
Sieve Residue0.05% Max
Moisture at 105 Degree Celcius0.5% Max
Tint Strength1800 Reynolds
Oil Absorption21g/100g Max
Resistivity 80Ω
Surface TreatmentAl/Zr
Median Particle Size0.3 μm
ΔE0.5 Max
Chemical ElementTitanium Dioxide(TiO2) / Rutile (R type)
CategoryASTM D-476-84: II (IV)
Color Index NO.White Pigment 6 (77891)
CAS NO.13463-67-7
EINECS NO.236236-675-5
Specific Gravity 4.1g/cm3
FeaturesExcellent whiteness
Good Opacity
Excellent Consistance
Package25Kg Paper bag or
1000Kg woven Super Bag
Recommended ApplicationWater Borne Paint
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