Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) for Printing Inks

 Jiuta offers a range of titanium dioxide(TiO2) grades that are suitable for use in the production of printing inks. These grades can be used in both flexo and rotogravure inks, depending on the specific requirements of your application. Some of the titanium dioxide grades that may be suitable for use in printing inks include:

Rutile titanium dioxide(TiO2) JTR 759: This type of titanium dioxide is known for its high refractive index and good stability, making it suitable for use in high-quality printing inks. It is also resistant to discoloration and has good weather resistance, which may be beneficial in certain applications.

Rutile Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) JTR 719: This type of titanium dioxide is more reactive and is often used in photocatalysis and other specialized applications. It may also be used in certain types of printing inks, particularly those that require increased reactivity or UV resistance.

Other specialty grades: There are many other types of titanium dioxide available that are formulated for specific applications or performance requirements. These may include grades that are optimized for use in particular types of printing inks or that offer enhanced dispersion or processing characteristics. It is important to carefully consider the specific needs of your application and choose the appropriate grade of titanium dioxide to ensure optimal performance.

JTR 719

JTR 719 is a titanium dioxide produced through the sulphate process that is commonly used to create various paints, masterbatches, and printing inks. It boasts excellent whiteness, gloss level, and hiding power.

JTR 719T 

JTR 719T is an improved version of JTR 719. It is so popular because of the excellent whiteness and hiding power. It is the best sulphate processed TiO2 available in the market.....

JTR 759

JTR 759 is a type of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that is specifically designed for use in the production of printing inks. It is produced using the Sulphate process and is widely used by many multinational ink manufacturers.

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