Rutile Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) JTR 739

JTR 739 is a type of titanium dioxide(TiO2) that has high-quality optical properties and dispersion capabilities. It is produced through the sulphate process and is specifically recommended for use in coating industries.

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TiO2 Content92% Min
Rutile Content98% Min
Sieve Residue0.05% Max
Moisture at 105 Degree Celcius0.5% Max
Tint Strength1800 Reynolds
Oil Absorption21g/100g Max
Resistivity 80Ω
Surface TreatmentSi/Zr/Al
Median Particle Size0.32 μm
ΔE0.5 Max
Chemical ElementTitanium Dioxide(TiO2) / Rutile (R type)
CategoryASTM D-476-84: II (IV)
Color Index NO.White Pigment 6 (77891)
CAS NO.13463-67-7
EINECS NO.236236-675-5
Specific Gravity 4.1g/cm3
FeaturesHigh Dispersion
Outstanding Opacity
Package25Kg Paper bag or
1000Kg woven Super Bag
Recommended ApplicationIndustrial Coating
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