Titanium Dioxide for Adhesives and construction chemicals

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a commonly used material in the production of adhesives and construction chemicals. The addition of TiO2 in adhesives can improve their strength, durability, and resistance to UV radiation. The UV resistance helps to prevent discoloration and degradation over time. TiO2 is also used in coatings, cement, and sealants for construction chemicals. TiO2 provides enhanced weather resistance, moisture resistance, and durability. It also improves the aesthetic properties of these products by providing a bright white color and enhancing their opacity. In these applications, TiO2 is added to the product as a fine powder or pigment that can be easily dispersed. It is important to note that the specific type of TiO2 used depends on the product and its intended use. Overall, the addition of TiO2 in adhesives and construction chemicals offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice for these industries.

Rutile titanium dioxide(TiO2): This type of titanium dioxide is known for its high refractive index and good stability, making it suitable for use in high-quality adhesives and construction chemicals/ It is also resistant to discoloration and has good weather resistance, making it ideal for exterior applications.

Anatase titanium dioxide(TiO2): This type of titanium dioxide is more reactive and is often used in photocatalysis and other specialized applications. It may also be used in certain types of adhesives and construction chemicals, particularly those that require increased reactivity or UV resistance.

Other specialty grades(TiO2): There are many other types of titanium dioxide available that are formulated for specific applications or performance requirements. These may include grades that are optimized for use in water-based paints, solvent-based paints, automotive coatings, and more. It is important to carefully consider the specific needs of your application and choose the appropriate grade of titanium dioxide to ensure optimal performance.

JTR 719

JTR 719 is a Rutile Titanium Dioxide made in sulphate process used to produce different kinds of paints. It have optimum whiteness, gloss level, hiding power...... JTR 719T is an improved version of JTR 719. It is so popular because of the excellent whiteness and hiding power.

JTR 719T 

JTR 719T is an improved version of JTR 719. It is so popular because of the excellent whiteness and hiding power. It is the best sulphate processed TiO2 available.....

JTR 739

JTR 739 is a titanium dioxide product made through the sulphate process. It is known for its superior optical properties and easy dispersion. It is highly effective in a variety of applications.

JTCR 519

JTCR 519 is a Rutile Titanium Dioxide surface treated with Zirconium and Aluminium and produced in Chloride process. It have good Whiteness along with good gloss...

JTCR 539

JTCR 539 is a Rutile TiO2 made in Chloride process. Due to its excellent specifications, It can be even used for the production of Automotive paints.......

Other Grades

Jiuta can also provide special grades for the needs of special purposes. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement. We are happy to assist you anytime!

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